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We believe in the power of creativity to transform moments in time into something extraordinary. As corporate event organizers and producers, we harness the opportunities that events provide to inspire action, create momentum, build community and connections – so you can achieve your goals.


Your story is everything. We leverage our expertise to help you tell it in remarkable ways. Global Events Services of Canada harnesses the raw power of the story to create experiential engagements and live events that resonate with and impassion your chosen audience to interact and connect with your brand. With Experience, our agency has focused on finding impactful ways to elevate the mission of clients and help them tell their stories in ways that make a difference to their people, their audiences, and the world at large.

A successful event starts with the guest experience. That is where we can help!

Corporate Commitment

Established to expand the management of events, with causes that affect the existence of humanity. These include Human rights, disasters, pandemics emergencies, and environmental degradation.
Global Events Services of Canada Canada is a non-profit full-service, lifestyle-based, professional event planning company that specializes in corporate events, dinner galas, fundraisers, long service awards, grand openings, conferences, and private events.
We love details! And our commitment is to see each event through from start to
finish while keeping the goals, vision, budget, and client’s needs in mind always.
We are committed to following through on every detail, so you do not have to.
From a 1000-person dinner gala to a small intimate private party or meeting,

Global Events Services  of Canada has experienced it all.
At Global Events Services of Canada we believe a successful event is causally related to the guest experience

Create the Perfect Event with us

What Our Clients Say

The team at GESC is experienced, professional, and an all-around pleasure to work with! It anticipates every risk and possible misstep along the event planning process and works with the client to proactively address it.
Brittany Emma
Strategic Relationships Coordinator
Jackson – Thank you so much. Your team was top-notch and so professional and added a level of sophistication to our. We look forward to working with you again.
Chris Wahn
Team Lead
Global Events Canada and their partners were able to create a breathtaking environment that delighted the guests and, in the best surprise of all, allowed them to hear each other while discovering unique experiences throughout the evening. Thank you
Watson Meliisa
Field Relations Manager